Finding a Purrrfect Frame

Ginny brought us a very special original painting that needed proper stretching in order to display and preserve the artwork. She was also looking for an understated frame to finish the piece but elevate the painting in her home. She wanted to take it a step up from just a wrapped canvas.

Ginny decided to frame this gift from her brother because, “it is so special – from a very talented artist in Wiesbaden, Germany. Her name is Annett Sobotta.” The painting was a gift from her brother and a beautiful one at that! After our initial oohing and ahhing over the way the artist painted the leopard fur (it looks so incredibly soft the photos don’t do it justice!) we decided on the winning design.

A soft matte black float frame with open grain accommodates the depth of the canvas and provides an unobtrusive, clean edge. Exactly what Ginny was looking for. The subtle, soft finish and wood grain supports the artist’s brushwork and tone within the painting.

We are honored Ginny trusts Malibu Gallery to do her framing. She said she would like others to know, “Malibu Gallery does excellent work and are very caring.” Ginny, we look forward to seeing you again and Mary said she is always here to share stories of our cats!