John & Winston

John Meeks has chosen Malibu Gallery for his custom framing projects for many years.  He is a friendly face we enjoy seeing walk through our door.

Last year John framed an article from the Omaha World Herald about the Winston Churchill book club, of which he is a founding member. It was then we learned about a unique book club right here in Omaha, Nebraska and an interesting facet to John’s life. The book club’s official name is Right Honourable Sir Winston Spencer Churchill Roundtable of Nebraska. It’s definitely recommended for anyone with a keen interest in Churchill, history and the thoughtful conversations that stem from their club’s readings.

When John unrolled a Time Magazine print with Winston Churchill on the cover we were reminded of John’s interest in the historical figure and his last framing project. As we worked together we agreed there is a certain satisfaction finding a great print at an amazing value. Then, being able to find a frame design the fits the personality of the piece is icing on the cake!

Here’s what John had to say about his recent Time Magazine framing project:

“I was excited to learn a couple of months ago that the first time Winston Churchill appeared in TIME magazine was way back in 1923.

When I found I could get a high quality reprint of the original cover from TIME magazine for $20.00; I said to myself this will be my next framed art work.

I’ve been getting framing done from Malibu since the mid 1990’s. They always do a great job and everyone is so nice there (20+ years!).”

John has been coming to Malibu for quite some time – as evident with his growing collection of framed images, and magazine covers. Thanks for sharing your wall, John!