Preserving Great-Grandma’s Painting

Maura and her mother came to Malibu to frame family artwork: “My great-grandmother painted this Wyoming scene on a piece of paper, and after consulting a conservator, we decided that framing it would be the best way to preserve it. It turned out beautiful!”

Maura is right, framing is the best way to preserve the art. In its history, the painting was wrapped around cardboard (!).  Our production team carefully removed it from that acidic environment and mounted it on a rag mat and an acid free foamcore lift.

This modern floating look displays the history of the paper edges. The weathered, rustic frame suited the art’s subject. This modern meets traditional-rustic look is a great combo for a young person’s style while listening to what the art has to say.

As for the glazing, we just had to go with Museum Glass! It was chosen for its clarity and preservation abilities with 99% UV protection.  (check it out in the photo – yes, there is glass on it!!  Have you ever tried taking a photo of your art on the wall only to see the glare of the glass and yourself with the camera?)

Maura reccomends Malibu Gallery to others because, “They give very good framing suggestions to accentuate your artwork.”

Thank you Maura for choosing Malibu Gallery to help preserve your family’s artwork for the next 100 years!