Celebrating The ‘Year of the Pitcher’

Phil is man who might call himself a collector – of information and of memorabilia. He knows baseball stats, players and games; his passion for the game is clear.

This shadowbox features a well loved autobiography of (Pitching great and Omaha’s very own) Bob Gibson and an autographed pitcher’s plate. He brought them in to preserve because:

“It’s the 50th anniversary of ‘The Year Of The Pitcher’ and it’s my first book ever owned.”

The faux leather of Larson-Juhl’s “Angus” line in cognac was the perfect connection to a baseball glove and it was the first frame that came to mind for this project. Phil wanted to replicate a sandy-earth colored pitching mound using a lighter colored neutral mat. We added a V-groove in the mat which added a thin white line balancing negative space connecting the two objects.

Designing custom framing with Phil is always fun! His passion for the memorabilia he brings in leaves us learning something new each time. On top of that, he shares our excitement in finding the perfect frame to suit each project.

I asked Phil what he would want others to know about Malibu Gallery and he said we have:
“Flexible creativity that is so open and encouraging in making the right choice.”
Thank you so much, Phil! I’d say we are on our way to achieving the custom framing equivalent of a no-hitter!